North Wales Canine Hydrotherapy

We are fast approaching our 14th year in Abergele, and on course to complete our 30,000th Hydrotherapy appointment this Summer.

That's a lot of Wonky Dogs!

We are pretty hopeless at updating this site, (the North Wales Canine Hydrotherapy Facebook page is more current) but hope it will give you an idea of what we do, how & why we do it!

Thanks for looking, if you wish to discuss the suitability of Hydrotherapy for your dog, give us a ring, or come and see us.

Pauline & Tony

July 2017

Canine Hydrotherapy

Swimming is one of the best forms of cardio-vascular exercise for your dog, utilising virtually every muscle group without the "jarring" shocks to limbs and muscles that can cause pain and further injury to arthritic or injured animals.

The warm water is not just for comfort, our pools are maintained at the ideal temperature for the muscles to work efficiently. Swimming in cold water causes the blood vessels close to the skin to constrict, robbing the muscles of the blood and oxygen they need, risking pain and muscle strain.

Our treatment programmes are tailored to the needs of your dog, whether as an aid to recovery after illness or injury, to build muscles and stamina in dogs involved in sports such as Agility, exercise for weight loss or to ease the pain and increase the mobility of older dogs.

You may choose to bring your dog simply because they enjoy swimming, and can play in our safe, warm pool while you have a cup of tea, happy that this time the car will not be full of sand, mud or bits of seaweed!

    Abergele Pool

  • Specialist indoor warm water pool, dogs swim at waist level for ease of handling and comfort.
  • Easy access ramp, buoyancy aids or electric hoist entry for incapacitated dogs.
  • Fully adjustable "anti-swim" jets to provide a current to swim against.
  • Safe, clean water, scrupulously monitored and independantly checked for hygiene.
  • Plenty of room for large dogs to play, chase toys etc.
  • Operators happy to enter the pool with dogs that require help or encouragement.

    Our Other Equipment

  • Shower area, all dogs are showered before and after entering pool or spa.
  • Blaster drier, uses warm air at pressure to remove excess water from coat.
  • Drying area with clean, warm towels to fully dry the dog after treatment.
  • Quiet, safe electric hoist and lifting harness for incapacitated dogs.
  • Veterinary platform scales to allow easy weight checks.
  • Comprehensive range of squeaky toys, tennis balls etc!

ABERGELE Opening Hours

Tuesday..9.00am to 4.30pm
Wednesday..Afternoon to late Evening
Thursday..9.00am to 4.00pm
Friday..9.00am to 6.30pm
Saturday..9.00am to 4.00pm

Swimming by appointment only please

Hydrotherapy Charges (valid 1st March 2017)

Single session 24, second dog within same session 10.
Block booking of 6 sessions for one dog 119 (19.83 per session)
Block booking of 6 sessions for two dogs 179 (29.83 per session)

Prices include VAT

Many pet insurance policies cover hydrotherapy costs.

How often do I need to come / How long is a session?

This depends on the dog, the condition and veterinary advice, but most Rehab programmes would involve swimming twice a week for the first three weeks and then once a week for another 6 weeks (ie. 12 sessions). Weight management, Fitness and Fun programmes are usually weekly.

We allocate at least an hour for the first session, in order to give the dog plenty of time to get used to us and the surroundings before they get wet. After this half an hour is usually enough for the whole process . We allow plenty of extra time for people who bring 2 or 3 dogs to a session to make sure we have time to dry them properly etc.

The Veterinary Form

Swimming is a strenous exercise. We strongly recommend that your dog is "checked out" by your own vet prior to the first appointment.
Please do not ask us to swim a dog with a medical problem without the prior approval of your vet, as it is unlikely that we will agree. We provide blank referral forms with the brochures that are available at local veterinary practises, or alternatively contact us and we will fax or e-mail a blank copy to you or your vet.

Non Swimmers

A large number of dogs that come to us have never ventured out of their depth before. An experienced member of staff will be in the pool with your dog for the duration of the session, and we will continue to do this at future sessions for as long as the dog needs us to. We go out of our way to get the dog to enjoy the experience, and as a result many of the non-swimmers have become real water babies (see the "our customers" section).
It is very rare for a dog to have to be dragged in the door, even our most reluctant swimmers love the fuss and the drying so much that they forgive us the "wet bit" in the middle!

Do you have an underwater treadmill?

The quick answer is no. Whilst we know they can be useful in some situations, we firmly believe that pool based rehab, carried out by experienced operators who are prepared to get into the pool and gently encourage/aid movement is just as effective, and less stressful for the dog. Our track record and positive feedback from local vets and specialist surgeons over the last 13 years tends to support this view.

Nervous / Agressive Dogs

Many dogs come to us after the physical and mental trauma of an accident or an operation. It is quite understandable for these dogs to be nervous of unfamiliar surroundings, and we will do our best to put the dog at ease. If you are worried about your dogs reaction you are welcome to pay us a "social" visit (by appointment please). This will let the dog have a sniff around and get used to us and the place while you have a cup of tea!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.