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"We never dreamed we would see such a dramatic result. Sam really is a different dog" (Labrador, Bangor)
Alice is a young West Highland Terrier who is swimming to build strength after a major operation on a hind leg, her friend Harry just comes for fun! Harry lost a front leg years ago, he copes very well, but he is starting to develop back problems now that he is "getting on a bit". Harry's weekly swim has had a positive effect on his mobility..and he loves it! Della & Ianto are minature Dachsunds, they have both had spinal surgery and swim to regain strength and mobility in their back legs.
"Our vet is adamant that we continue Sonny's hydrotherapy. She says it is the main reason he is still with us." (Golden Retriever, Prestatyn)
Zena is a young Doberman with double Hip Dysplasia. Initially reluctant, swimming with an operator in the pool, she now happily swims after tennis balls and is much stonger on her rear legs. Sammy is a German Shepherd with Hip Dysplasia. Weekly swimming has improved Sam's mobiliy considerably. Phil demonstrates why we provide waterproof clothing. Magic demonstrates the Spa. Prior to opening the Cibyn pool, Magic and his owners made the weekly trip from Harlech to Abergele for his swim, well over an hours drive in each direction.
"I don't know what you put in the water, but I want some. Heidi is fitter and healthier than she has been for years." (German Shepherd, Llandudno)
Sprite and his friends Pepsi and Orange come just for fun, and they make sure they have plenty! Yorkies, Milly, Penny and Rosie (also known as's always the little ones you need to watch!) rest between swims. Moose is a real character, she was slowing down a lot, but her weekly swim at Cibyn has had a dramatic effect, she is naughty again!
"When we leave the A55 at the 'swimming' exit the dogs start yapping with excitement. We are half deaf by the time we pull up outside!" (Border Collies, Anglesey)
Another Ben! (we have about 10 Bens on the books) demonstrates his unique ability to collect 7 squeaky toys in his mouth at once. Ben alternates weekly between Hydrotherapy and Acupuncture to manage his arthritis. Lilly has the dubious distinction of being our son William's favourite customer, she has arthritis and is prone to putting on weight (left to her own devices she would sleep 23 hours a day!).Lilly has lost 9kg since she started swimming weekly. Minie & Cooper. Minie is a Bichon Frise that has been swimming to build up her rear leg muscles after an injury, Cooper is our "old boy" who comes in to supervise on occaision. The duo are available for car launches!
Not all our customers are dogs..have a guess..we bet you get it wrong..then click the BBC link!