(We asked Sarah, Diesels's owner to write this page from a customers point of view.)

Diesel is a happy, healthy 12-year-old staffordshire bull terrier, who developed arthritis 5 years ago. His condition steadily grew worse until he was unable to do basic things like climb stairs, jump onto the sofa, or even go out for a walk.

We experimented with different medications which did not help so we tried steroids as a last resort. The injection lasted a month, it was great until it wore off leaving him in more pain than before. After his second injection he had gained a stone in weight and his movements were severely restricted.

We discovered the Canine Hydrotherapy Centre had opened up nearby, and decided to try it. Diesel was not a lover of water but with Tony and Pauline's patience and experience, they were able to gradually introduce him to the pool. At first he swam in the water wearing a life jacket with the help of staff. As his confidence grew he became much more interested in swimming and started to play with toys in the water.

That was two years ago. Now a stone and a half lighter, and no need for any medication, the mere mention of the word 'swimming' sends him into a frenzy as he is crazy about it. In fact he thinks he owns the place!

From an ill, overweight, water phobic dog, to a real water babe! If diesel can do it, any dog can!