About Us

We were first introduced to hydrotherapy in 1998 when Nobby, our Labrador puppy was diagnosed with a rare condition that caused all of his leg joints to be deformed. Unable to operate to rectify the problem the orthopaedic specialist recommended swimming to strengthen his muscles and keep him mobile as long as possible, but he did not expect Nobby to make it past 3 or 4 years old. Nobby had wonky legs and terrible looking X-rays, but regular swimming kept his muscles strong enough to support his dodgy bits. Sadly we lost Nobby in 2013, aged nearly 15. We were able to keep his pain killing / anti-inflammatory medication at an absolute minimum, and more importantly he thoroughly enjoyed life. Ironically it wasn't his legs that gave out in the end, he died in his sleep at home.

Having spent years attending Nobby's hydrotherapy pool in the midlands, lots of research and formal training in both canine hydrotherapy and first aid, we moved to North Wales in 2004 in order to establish the first canine hydrotherapy centre in the area.

In 2006 we were approached by Cibyn Veterinary Clinic in Caernarfon, the partners in the practice were very keen on the benefits of hydrotherapy, and our gentle approach so they made us an offer...if they built another centre would we manage and operate it for them? As a result we opened the Cibyn pool in 2007, running it alongside the Abergele pool until early 2014. We made the reluctant decision to leave the Cibyn practice purely because we were finding it hard to manage 2 busy pools, swimming over 100 dogs a week between 2 locations and decided to concentrate on our Abergele centre.

Updating this site is making us feel old..we are fast approaching our 14th year of operation and 30,000th appointment. Many of our regular customers are bringing the next generation of dogs, and in 2 cases the third generation, whilst some of the puppies we taught to swim are now old dogs swimming to help with arthritis. We are very lucky to have such fantastic support from local dog owners and veterinary practices.

We live in Rhos on Sea with our fifteen-year-old son William. We have two dogs, Dexter (a nutty 5 year old Black Lab) and our most recent addition is Dibby (3 year old..Bonkers..Springer Spaniel ).