1994 - 2006

Ben was one of our first customers, an 11 year old Labrador, suffering from osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. He came to us first in January 2005 at the suggestion of his vet, and responded very well.

Ben was a typical example of an older dog that was slowing down and losing his "spark". It is wonderful for us to see dogs like Ben enjoy themselves in the pool, and to see the improvement in their general quality of life.

Unfortunatly time caught up with our friend Ben in late 2006, but his "barmy" mate Bella and her new friend Bess are now regulars at the Cibyn pool (below).

Extract from Nantlle Vale Dog Training Club Newsletter Spring 2005

Conversation heard in the dog bed about 11 pm after trips to the Canine Hydrotherapy unit at Abergele
Bella	 Ben, are you awake?

Ben 	(grumpily) I wasn't but I am NOW

Bella   did you enjoy today?

Ben     OH YES what a surprise, thought we were going for a walk but swimming 
indoors in our own heated pool; wow, woof, it was great. Even better because
Ann came with us. I don't know why Mum won't let us call her Beanie,just cos
we have a naughty Shetland called Beanie, Don't know why mum likes HIM. I don't,
he chases me out of our field.

Bella 	And me. I really liked Pauline & Tony. They had thought of everything 
and are so thoughtful of our doggy care.You didn't seem to enjoy the shower before
and after our swim. I liked the ramp up the slope along the top then down,down 
into the blue warm water. I loved the drier at the end. How it tickled What a
wimp you are not liking the drier either.

Ben 	I Know but I loved being rubbed all over with those warm towels by Ann.
Don't tell Mum.

Bella	Mum looked really funny in those waterproofs, but Tony said she would
get wet if she did not use them,good job she took some notice of him, always
ignores what I say- I had great fun launching myself in the water.

Ben 	It felt like a tidal wave and a lot of water went up my nose. You
should behave and use the ramp like me.

Bella	I'm getting tired -must get my beauty sleep

Ben 	YOU NEED IT, hope we can go again

(two weeks later)

Ben	Are you awake, Bella?

Bella 	Yes

Ben	Do you know where I went today?

Bella	Yes, don't want to talk about it

Ben 	I'm sorry Mum and Ann didn't take you but you still had a bad neck.

Bella 	(wistfully) Was it as much fun as before?

Ben 	Better than ever (without YOU there!) I do like Pauline and Tony,
they take such care of us dogs.I had a biscuit & Mum & Ann had a cuppa. The 
swimming felt so relaxing and it made my arthritic legs feel as good as new
and Pauline massaged me when she was drying me. It was doggy heaven.

(Two more weeks later)

Ben 	Are you awake Bella?

Bella 	Oh yes Didn't we have a great time at hydrotherapy? I love swimming
with you in that lovely warm water.

Ben	Wish I could say the same about you - you do make a lot of splash & waves

Bella 	Don't be such a spoil sport. Tony & Pauline don't mind

Ben 	Mmmm - but Mum was soaked all under her waterproofs. Why don't you use 
the ramp. They have even got a hoist to lift old, very arthriticky dogs into the 
pool. Did you see ME in the hot spa? The bubbles felt lovely. I enjoyed the swim
more but the bubbles are very good for me.

Bella	That explains why you were running round the garden like a puppy after.
I thought you were on something! You were supposed to be tired.

Ben 	I know, but I felt SO good and all my aches and pains had gone.

Bella 	I am looking forward to going again. I think I heard Mum say we could go 
fortnightly. I can't wait.

Ben 	Nor me. It's so easy to find, just off the A55 at Abergele
(Junction 23a and then drive through Quiksave carpark,
easy to park outside the pool.

Bella 	Good night Ben, please don't snore. I want a good sleep.

Ben 	Good night Bella

Ben & Bella 	 Good night, love you & Mum. (NOT Beanie), & Ann

PS from Cadi, Quillie & Deryn	 We liked it too, Quillie & Deryn 
(the superneurotic collies) added - don't worry if you're a bit scared - they don't 
call you wimp & they let you take your own time to get a paw in the water 
till you realise its not so bad after all. 

PPS You should see Cadi, she swims like a paddle steamer.

If you feel like trying it give Pauline or Tony a ring. 01492549507.
There is a poster on the notice board at dog club. First swim is free.

For more information about Nantlle Vale Dog Training Club,
call Veronica on 01248 852307.